Virtual Gift Card

The Virtual Gift Card is only available online on BASSINIBOUTIQUE.IT, is valid for 365 days from the date the confirmation email is sent and can be used for multiple purchases until the credit content or partial payment of a purchase is complete.

Whenever the Virtual Gift Card is used, the credit will be deducted by the corresponding amount and any remaining balance will remain available for future purchases.

If the credit available on the Virtual Gift Card is not sufficient to cover the purchase amount, its use can be integrated with the other payment methods accepted by BASSINIBOUTIQUE.IT.

The Virtual Gift Card code will only be sent to the email address specified at the time of purchase and can only be used with that email address.

The Virtual Gift Card will be sent within 3 hours of immediate payment confirmation such as credit card payment.

The Visual Gift Card purchased by bank transfer will be sent to the recipient after receiving the payment by BASSINIBOUTIQUE.IT.

The codes cannot be combined with other Virtual Gift Card and other Credits codes.

The Virtual Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Virtual Gift Card and cannot be converted into cash or credit.

Orders placed via Virtual Gift Card can be returned; the amount relating to the returned goods will be credited back to the Virtual Gift Card.

BASSINIBOUTIQUE.IT is not responsible for sending the Virtual Gift Cards to an incorrect or incomplete address provided by the buyer.

Orders placed via Virtual Gift Card are subject to the same Commercial Policy, Privacy Policy and CGV published on BASSINIBOUTIQUE.IT.


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